Smile For The Camera.

We've been offering regular headshot sessions to our actors at our studio base in Wales since 2014 - and once yearly sessions at Pinewood Studios, UK for actors unable to make the journey.

Our sessions are extremely relaxed and are guided by the advice received from the casting directors we work with so closely.

Images are not retouched as it's important to us that the actor perceived in the headshot - is the same actor that turns up to the job.
We often receive images of actors that have been edited via Instagram and Photoshop, and whilst they may look great, it can be far from a true reflection of the actors likeness.

During a headshot session with OhSoSmall, we'll capture up to 100 images to ensure we have a variety of looks and give you time to relax in front of camera.


You Should Know..

Our sessions are free of charge for all our actors, however the images captured are solely copyright to OhSoSmall and must not be used under any circumstances without written consent from Edd or Lisa.

A typical session will last around 30 minutes but please set aside one hour to allow time to fill in our headshot terms and conditions.