Last Reviewed: Sep  22, 2021


We're frequently asked about the current filming status of productions and the impact that COVID-19 has had on our industry.

Whilst we're unable to publicly comment on the status of individual projects and planned resume dates, we'll be using this page to post simple and digestable information regarding the measures that will be in place as soon as you return to filming - and when things will most likely get back to 'normal'.

Safety Comes First

On June 1st, 2020, both the United Kingdom and United States of America released their proposed guidelines for working safely in a filming enviroment. These new guidelines are to include the use of face masks & face shields, regular hand washing and social distancing wherever possible. Larger 'crowd' scenes are to be reconsidered and all cast and crew will be encouraged to make their own way to set and avoid the use of public transport / car sharing where possible.

'Track and Trace' systems will be in place, along with plenty of hand sanitizer stations and regular temperature checks throughout the day to ensure all members of production are in good health.

Contact between the actor and hair & make-up artist will be kept to a minimum and will involve use of gloves, face shields and correct hand hygeine. There will also be a strict 'trailer management' system in which crew will limit the access to these enclosed areas.

Full UK Guidlelines here:

Full USA Guidelines here:

Booking a COVID-19 test

If you're UK based, you'll need to take a COVID-19 test before you can work on a production. In some cases production will book a test for you and you will be tested on site. However, you may be required to get a test in a 'drive-thru' centre near your home location. To book a free COVID test, use the official UK Gov website here.

Flying To Location

At the start of the pandemic our priority was for our actors to be able to return to their home country quickly and safely. Now, we're pleased to see that international airline companies have put in place advanced measures to make travel possible.

We'll be in touch with all actors who are scheduled to return to work overseas as soon as we receive the relevant information.

We understand there's a lot going on right now, but please check the expiry date of your passport and ensure there is sufficient time remaining on your travel documents.

Actors should be prepared for a 14 day self isolation / quarantine upon arrival in certain countries.

See how Virgin Atlantic and Britsh Airways are combatting coronavirus in the videos below.