Casting Comes First.

The agency for Short, Dwarf and Giant actors, Oh So Small represents over 400 artists globally.

Created in 2010, we've assisted in casting some of the largest productions of the decade operating from Pinewood Studios, UK and Great Point Studios, Wales.

Creature Casting

Our mission remains simple - take characters from out of this world and help transition them to the big screen.

Our team is lead by industry professionals with a vast knowledge of creature performance, extensive prosthetics, arm extensions and creature / costume building.

We can assist at the earliest point of development and workshop groups of actors for large scale productions at either a specified location - or at our studio base in Wales, UK.

Stand In, Stunt & Body Doubles

It's of utmost importance production is making smart use of the limited hours allocated to each child actor on set.

We'll step in and ensure your production is provided with experienced stand-in/ body doubles who are closely matched to the height, likeness and proportions of your actor.

Our roster also includes tall and small artists who are either on, or training for the BSR (British Stunt Register).

Motion Capture

It starts with the 'T' pose..

We've been on hand to assist and adapt to casting actors who are trained and experienced at performing in the 'capture volume' for the last decade.

With a wealthy credit history of performance capture in film and television, we've recently received a boom in international castings for gaming.

Fitness is paramount for a days work in the 'volume' and we will always take these environmental circumstances in to consideration when casting for your project.

Meet The Team

Oh So Small was created in 2010 with the goal to enhance opportunities for actors of 'extreme height' in the arts.

Lisa, Jo and Edd all stand under 4'6" tall and have a combined 65 years of experience in the Film and Television industry.

The team have assisted casting some of the largest films of the decade from their hub at Pinewood Studios, UK and Great Point Studios, Wales

Learn more via the 'Our History' page.

Media Enquiries

Oh So Small will never comment on its involvement or status in any production to the media or press.

For statements regarding our company - or from any of the actors we represent, please contact

Request Chit Sheets

Chit-sheets, time-sheets & contracts.. we're adaptable in our handling of timekeeping on set.

In the event your production requires salary vouchers for our actors, we're able to send over any amount via first class delivery to ensure you receive them the next working day.

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